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Bruton Vault (The)

You've opened up a very important and historic ("Pandora's box") cover-up concerning the Bruton Parish Churchyard Vault in Williamsburg, VA.

The original and true Constitution of the US along with the Original Declaration of Independence, Authentic Bill of Rights and the Revised King James Bible prepared by Sir Francis Bacon (1676 Rebellion)/St Germain...all sealed into the time-encapsulated Bruton Vault for revealing the truth in the coming moment. These documents are so valuable as to be dubbed "the Seventh Seal". {National Treasure 1&2, the movie, alluded to this as did Atlantis Rising...the 3rd volume of that trilogy due out in Aug 11, 2009,}.

Middleton was a signer of the Declaration of Independence along with Roger Sherman and a few other worthies. Middletown Plantation was the land on which that 10' X 10' square vault was buried, 20' down.

George Washington and the First (1774) Declaration are a part of these secret happenings alluded to in suppressing the original documents.

Many people have died to cover-up the truth. The Lavender Lad will see that all is brought forth so that everyone can know the true story of our country's founding and the relevance to this moment.

You will see references to Manly Palmer Hall (another incarnation of Madam K Katrina Petrovna Blavatsky) a Canadian born (3/18/1901-8/29/90) author (Secret Teachings of All Ages) and mystic, who was murdered by stuffing feathers down his throat. See Marie Bauer Hall (widow of MP Hall) for more clues.

Tara went to Williamsburg VA in 1991/1992 with Amarushka and a couple of others and here is a report from Amarushka of that event.

So it appears that the fat is truly in the fire once again. Ark of the Covenant in America and Bacon's Rebellion are just a few of the related items you'll uncover if you pursue this story. The current parish church is not in the same location as the original brick church and all of these matters are coded and monitored by those who want to protect the documents and those who want to destroy them.