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Tom said that War Crimes Trials are still at the top of the menu of coming attractions and he said that related events could break into the news at any moment. (May 24, 2009.)

Rama went out of Body while Mother was talking to us tonight. He went to the Solar Tribunal on Saturn and listened to a presentation by Cdr Sutko who works with Andromeda Rex.

They were stating that it's time to move on War Crimes for the Bush/Cheney Administration, and they are taking actions to promote these actions now! (March 12, 2009.)

Don't forget the 75,000 indictments of most of the former Administration's people, who will soon be arrested and removed from influence.

Most 'heads' will be removed, in the arrests cited...except for a few trusted ones like Leon Panetta/his assistant; Eric Holder/his assistant, for example.

And ... KOS is above all these 'heads' and works in tandem with Mother Sekhmet, Lady Master Nada, St Germain, Ashtar command, and others. KOS has double/triple hats as well. He is F1/F3 and has a 'day job' and a higher authority/oversight responsibility on a planetary level.

In summary, all key ones are now working together on the highest levels of

coordination to get the job done. 9/11 exposure; War Crimes trials commencement; Galactic Presence/purpose and NESARA's Announcement are the top focus.

Whistleblowers meetings this past week, mirrored by the meeting between Commander Andromeda Rex (Ambassador from Sirius) with Rana Mu this week shows that the galactic councils are all backing International War Crimes Trials/associated arrests and revealing Galactic Federation Presence in our skies, now.

As any surgeon will tell you, you gotta remove the dead/infected elements when they are not responding to other measures, before the healing can be achieved, and that often requires severe intervention and 'changes' to effect a new outlook and prognosis. (March 29, 2009.)

There are many positive indications that whistleblowers are very close to revealing the 9/11 conspirators and that will allow all their arrests and trials for War Crimes in the Hague. Accountability will be satisfied.

Lady Master Nada is in charge of all such matters and will be ably assisted by Patrick Fitzgerald who is holding indictments for 10-12 Thousand of these folks, which are close to being unsealed and executed in the coming days. (Feb. 19, 2009.)

At this time all on this planet are facing ourselves and the choices we have made and being invited to examine our positions and goals. Anyone who does not honor a path of unity, openness, accountability, truth and Peace will soon--very soon--find that they have chosen a dead-end path.

That moment is fast approaching and the gap between the two different directions is widening in every second. A separation of the paths is upon us now.

No longer will deceit, greed, and domination of others prevail.

We will all see the evidences of this in the coming days. Our 'secy of state' is one of those who is at the end of her rope. Karl Rove is another.

911 revelations that will compel war crimes trials are already rising to the top of the list which involves most players in the past administration, and quite a large number that are remaining in the current administration. Indictments will shortly be released on most of these and others will follow.

These ones are convicting themselves and revealing their agendas in every moment now. Approximately 400 members of Congress are so corrupt that they have already been 'removed' and only a few of them are even clones, with most being 'place-holding, solid-holograms'. When their indictments are revealed, the holograms will be de-powered by the King of Swords.

This also applies to those media and intelligence agents and conduits spewing forth vitriol against Obama, NESARA and Galactic Light forces. (Feb. 18, 2009.)

[The reported reassigning of FBI agents from anti-terrorism to anti-fraud] is the tip of the iceberg.

It is indeed the trend.

We will be dropping "Truth and Reconciliation" and renaming all these correctly: "War Crimes were Committed and Must be Prosecuted Fully!"

Patrick Fitzgerald has had 56 Grand Juries rendering 10-12 thousand Indictments over the last 4 years. The first group of those are about to be unsealed and executed.

That will blow all the coverups on 911 planning and execution; Sex-Gates; money laundering of Gov't Drug Operations funding black ops projects; fraudulent fleecing of everyone by the Illuminati, genocide; child and white slave abductions and operations, and other heinous crimes, including killing inventors who dared to end their monopolies in transportation, utilities, free energy devices, anti-gravity technologies and too many more to enumerate in this space.

These revelations are going to flood our media. Only about 50 of our current 535 Congressional members will survive these stories.

400 are already replaced by 'solid holograms or clones'. so we have about 135 live congressmen/women 'functioning' within Congress...and falling on their own swords as they keep voting for the NeoCon agendas of your domination and exploitation.

It's not a pretty picture, but it must come front and center before the public will be able to have closure on the long enslavement by these ones and their puppet masters and minions.

At the same time it will be important to see all the positive improvements in our lives that will shortly be a part of NESARA's provisions.

We will be morphing to a complete truth agenda balanced with mutual respect and the sharing of coming abundance in all areas of our lives. (Feb. 12, 2009.)

Greenspan and several officers of Citibank were arrested on Obama's order by the FBI. Greenspan is now 'Gonzo'. His wife, Andrea Mitchell, was on MSNBC today...which was a bit of a surprise.

The King of Egypt talked to Rama, who visited locally with some relatives of the Saudi King about these matters yesterday. They also discussed the massive changes that will wash through the old Saudi Patriarchal mindset, in the coming moments.

When the outer walls crumble on these empires people will see that the rot has gone deep into all the fibers of the old guard and that a complete 'demolition' will be required. (Feb. 9, 2009.)

Major manifestations require planetwide intention and collective visioning along with willingness to do what it takes. Until the Cabal has been removed from the stage we have to keep the compression and the heat on. When they leave we will feel the lifting of a very heavy weight from our bodies and awareness. Then the fun will begin. (Feb. 9, 2009.)

The ICJ/ICC [International Court of Justice/International Criminal Court] have already met to discuss the coming War Crimes Tribunals and Scott McClellan has already announced, yesterday, that he will testify against "W". Many whistleblowers are now ready to come forward and testify. (Jan. 28, 2009.)

In conclusion, I can say that the current outer congressional activities are contrivances for them to show their hands and every vote will decide their fates. It is only a few steps more before you will see the solutions unveiled. Look forward and see what your highest vision and heart is ready to support. (Jan. 28, 2009.)

Karl Rove will have to appear before Congress or be forced to testify in chains.

{John Conyers got a new Vote - 64 for to 34 against - and will compel Rove to appear.}

The trial of George W Bush for 'Murder One' is starting and his former press sec'y will be testifing against him. (Jan. 27, 2009.)

See also Chris Story's posts on the Chief of London Police's unprecedented confiscation of private Lockboxes in Mayfair that contained original documents, codes and much more that corroborate much of what was said about the CiA Black ops codes and detailed lists and gold certificates found in those boxes. Add, Tony Blair's squealing on his international Cabal pals including "W" and Sr.

Moreover the Cabal have and are now taking steps to eliminate those who have intimate knowledge of their operations and methods, as seen in the number of high-level 'accidents', murders and disappearances occurring.

War Crimes Trials are about to burst onto the front pages of the world's media and the Head Criminals of the 13 Families are doing damage control. This story, while not definitive, bears careful scrutiny. KOS may have something to reveal about this as well. (Jan. 26, 2009.)

The King of Egypt (KOE) told us today that several actions are now in process. Some of these have to do with the arrests of some top Federal Reserve Board and FR Bank of NY officials. (Jan. 26, 2009.)

Angela Merkel is providing this UN [Special Rapporteur on Torture] with documents as I reported. More voices will add to this call for action. (Jan. 22, 2009.)

Today Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the German gov't, said that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld will be charged with War Crimes and the evidence will be shared and studied by the UN for adoption by other countries. (Jan. 21, 2009.)

Communications with Gitmo prisoners' home country representatives are underway and consideration of reparations for time in Gitmo is being considered. (Jan. 21, 2009.)

Since all of these 'improvements' mean that all liars and controllers will be deposed and exposed for their true origins and intentions, accountability and justice must follow. (Jan. 4, 2009.)