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Barack Obama
Barack Obama – Economic Stimulus Program
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Barack Obama

Barack Obama is here representing both the Sirian Council of Nine and also, on assignment from the Great Central Sun (Alcyone) and has assistance and protection by 16 million galactic-humans working for KOS and the 4 Million man world-wide militia. (Nov. 24, 2008.)

Mother was very clear, yesterday afternoon, in stating that Obama has NOT been vacationing and that he has definitely been meeting with very important beings of both terrestrial and celestial importance as to how best to take us into Galactic Citizenship & Governmental formats. (Jan. 2, 2009.)

With this background, I believe that it is appropriate to also note that Barack Obama has been meeting with terrestrial and extraterrestrial councils in recent weeks including during his 'vacation' in Hawaii.

He is our newly Elected President and is also the 9th member of the Sirian Council of Nine so he has prepared himself for the last 1000 years for the role he now will play in bringing NESARA to Announcement; assisting in exposing all the War Criminals involved in Economic and Political Treason since the US Planned and Executed travesty of 911. That involves international cabal families in many countries. The theft of over $100 Trillion of the public's funds is also involved. (Jan. 4, 2009.)

Barack Obama's biological father [was] Malcolm X. (Jan. 30, 2009.)

Barack Obama – Economic Stimulus Program

The real intent [of Barack Obama’s stimulus bill] is to create an opening wedge through which the real programs can be quietly put into place.

You will not find the truth openly within the Stimulus Bill. It is a psychological prop and preparation for NESARA which is the only remedy.

Much of what we see on the surface is bait to allow the neo-cons/criminals to trap and determine their own fate...which they are doing with every vote they record.

It will soon become obvious and they will convict themselves before the world.

These tactics are necessary as there are three factions vying for control. Only the 3rd which combines our galactic family and earth family harmony can win.

The others must give up their attempts to Own or Control the people and the planet.

The Art of War, Lao Tsu, requires a silken strategy that invites all to participate and if their intentions are dishonorable, to help them to seem to get their way until the noose tightens around their neck.

The Martial Arts teach us to use the enemy's force to defeat him and not to come from anger. What we oppose we attract to us. (Feb. 15, 2009.)

What we are seeing 'proposed' is a 'cover story' so that more important things can be brought forward. The truth is that the Federal Reserve has already been absorbed into the US Treasury, by order of the King of Swords.

What we are looking at is a surface projection/shadow play. We have been inside NESARA Law since Oct 1, 2008 and that has allowed many foundational changes to be implemented. The US is economically bankrupt, and the surface system is failing and will soon be removed.

It takes a lot for people to let go of old ways and 'rules' of how to proceed. The entrenched system doesn't care about election results. It wants to continue the 'old ways', which are bankrupt. We are living on two tracks at the same time, migrating from the old to the new. …

In conclusion, I can say that the current outer congressional activities are contrivances for them to show their hands and every vote will decide their fates. It is only a few steps more before you will see the solutions unveiled. Look forward and see what your highest vision and heart is ready to support.

It is coming, ready or not. The minimum amount of any corrective stimulus would be more in the neighborhood of $4-5 TRILLION. The so-called cash stimulus is far too little; adds nothing to the infrastructure or new jobs-creation; and brings no mortgage relief, and will likely be dropped as the debate continues. Horse-trading always requires bait, switch and swap options. Then the real options begin to emerge. (Jan. 28, 2009.)

Barack Obama – Space Travels

As mentioned tonight (Jan. 29) by Mother Sekhmet, Obama visited Sirius A recently.

He traveled to the pyramid at Giza and through a chamber between the King and Queen's chamber which leads to an Ashtar Command center.

First Obama had to lie down in the King's chamber.

Then they gave him a taste of Soma and as he sat up he was in his LightBody. His physical body was still lying in the King's Chamber.

In his light body he walked between the two chambers and was in a higher-dimensional vibration that allowed him to just walk into the Ashtar base doorway.

He then traveled to the Left Paw of the Sphinx where an Ashtar Ship was present.

He went aboard and they took him to a council meeting on Sirius A. His biological father -- Malcolm X –- had previously done the same.

He then returned and re-merged with his physical, left the pyramid and went home. (Jan. 30, 2009.)

Barack Obama – What He Knows

Rama talked with Lady Master Nada today about Mr Timothy Geithner and others purposely appointed to high positions in Obama's cabinet to give them enough rope to hang themselves. His new financial program showed that he is reverting to dark-hat form and will be on the same removal list as the Family of 13 and the 75,000 indictees from the Bush Administration who, at a signal to Patrick Fitzgerald, the Provost Marshall General, and military, will be arrested.

When that happens it will tie all the loose ends together on their involvement in 911 and all related financial, drug, sex, and international war crimes, and begin the public War Crimes Trials in the Hague.

Obama is fully aware of all these matters and strategies. He is still wearing the disguise of a double agent who has to wait for the right moment to switch roles and take and support decisive actions that will restore Constitutional/Common Law and NESARA's benefits.

Ashtar, last night, would give "No Dates" and yet he was quite vigorous in his comments about the importance of what happens during this 21-day period which began on 3/20 and ends on 4/11-12. (March 25, 2009.)

Tom the Paschat told us that Obama is moving very precisely and swiftly to eliminate bottlenecks in Gov't, so we can make the changes we all know have to occur. (Mar. 11, 2009.)

Obama is NOW in daily contact with the Ashtar Command and working with key staff to declassify Galactic presence and coordinate the arrests of senior bankers and others and NESARA's Announcement. "NO DATES, NO NUKES", and yet it is all underway, as we speak. (March 10, 2009.)

President Obama and Faction 3 are fully aware of what is being generated by Spin Masters who are spewing negative stories to create confusion, distress and opposition to what must now happen. (Feb. 17, 2009.)

Obama has to work on at least two or three levels. Congress still has many neo-cons to contend with. (Jan. 28, 2009.)

All of this [preparation for war crimes, Aden Stargate, etc.] has been proceeding since Oct 1, 2008, and Obama knows all this and also knows that NESARA is about to be announced along with 911 exposure and revelation of galactic presence. (Jan. 28, 2009.)

Barack Obama – Administration’s New Direction

All signing statements made by Bush over the last eight years are under intense review and many if not all will be removed by Obama.

No living President has taken on the number of major tasks/changes that Obama is working on every day. He is fully planning the way to announce the Galactic Presence; get arrests accomplished; announce NESARA; rid the Administration of corporate lobbyists; halt or remove Trojan-Horse changes Bush ordered to block Obama actions; declassify many ET technology transfers and agreements. (March 13, 2009.)

Re: Obama, most of the pieces have not yet been revealed. When they are, the breadth and depth will begin to be clarified. These are only the first 'disguised pawns' being advanced on a new chess board.

Next will come the housing-lending issue plan. That could come as early as tomorrow. And all of the other events are lined up to fill our media with their events and galactic revelations. (Feb. 18, 2009.)

It appears that Rahm Emanuel [White House Chief of Staff] may be turning his hat around.

First, yesterday, Emanuel signed a memo freezing all pending regulations until they can be reviewed. As you all know, Bush ordered round-the-clock amendments to many regulations to try and tie Obama's hands.

With that order, all those changes stopped.

Today, they went further. Another memo told all agencies to suspend any new regulations and NOT to send them to the WH for signing reviews. They are not welcomed. (Jan. 21, 2009.)

Rama spoke to Tom the Ringtailed Cat {Paschat associate of KOS and a galactic-human adept, protecting Obama}. Tom said that Executive Orders and Signing Statements made by W since 9/11, dealing with Patriot Acts 1, 2 and 3, along with the Military Commissions Act and Gitmo, are likely to be cancelled. …

Some actions may require about 72 hours of consultation with House and Senate leaders before they can be taken. Some kind of new Bretton-Woods agreement and FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] repeal are likely. …

NSA [National Security Agency] snooping may be severely restricted. Asst Attorney General John Woo is being replaced by a progressive Law Professor and blogger to support Eric Holder's work to restore credibility to the Justice Department.

Tough decisions are now being made and whatever changes are required will be "on the table". (Jan. 21, 2009.)

Obama’s “Activities”

The 'exact' transcripts are not available. They did play the first one on CNN at 11AM today. Obama gave a long speech in Prague on nuclear stockpile reductions by all holders of these and detailed the importance of this and non-proliferation of those weapons to all the nations on the planet.

Near the end of his comments he threw in a couple of subtle sentences in which he posed a question to his 'audience' to consider that there 'might be others out there who would like to assist us' and then suggested that they would probably be reluctant to directly contact us to offer their help because we treat all beyond our planet as hostile by pointing all our weapons at them. So maybe we should reconsider our policies about strangers and be more open to consider how all might benefit from possible exchanges of perspectives.

We went to CNN around 12Noon and they had 'snipped' those comments from the speech archives.

Today, there was a closed emergency session of the UN Security Council to discuss the North Korean Rocket launch which successfully achieved lift-off and second stage ignition but which then overflew Northern Japanese territory and dropped into the Pacific Ocean.

No one launched against the missile although it was tracked by US Warships equipped with Aegis radar systems.

During the closed door session two surprises occurred. First of all a new(to us) technology of '2 way holographic projection' allowed Barack Obama to remain in Europe and still 'attend' and interact. That shocked the members who planned to craft a 'hawk' response to the North Korean launch, etc while Obama was out of the further the right wing's wishes.

Obama's 'presence' short circuited that.

Secondly, St Germain appeared and addressed the whole assembly and severely castigated them, for first: Denying Kim an invitation to the G20 meetings. SG pointed out that this desperately poor and small nation was starving and isolated due to our bullying actions and rhetoric and should immediately be given needed help to feed the starving people; receive needed medicines and relief and NO longer excluded from deliberations that impact it's peoples. He was doing the only thing he had power to do to express his anger.

St Germain made it very clear that he expects to see an immediate end to this behavior by all concerned/involved.

We received this report directly from the King of Swords. He then said: "Don't expect to EVER see this made public as these ones' egos couldn't handle it.

He also said that all were 'white-faced'/pale after SG's blast...including Obama.

A new mindset is now being placed squarely in front of all present and they were told: I expect you to do ALL that it takes to implement these changes forthwith.

So Palm Sunday had some surprises and Easter week now commences. (April 6, 2009.)