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Beverly Eckert

We need to step back from the victim-perpetrator so we can see the hidden gift.

Everyone is carrying this story and making the connections that would not have been made unless we were at last ready and able to connect the dots.

Just as in the Flt 1549 Reversal: Tragedy transformed into Miracle Survival. This [Flight 3407, which crashed at Buffalo, NY] too will bite them in the butt.

There are plenty of other whistle blowers with a warehouse full of 9/11 evidence that will pick up the baton and carry it to the finish line which will see justice done.

I see wonderful blessings already pouring forth from this.

She did what is called, the "Great Giveaway", by making her passing serve a higher good for many, many others who have no voice.

This will be 2 steps forward instead of 1 step backwards. This is why Americans are saying: Accountability for War Crimes? YES! in unmistakable numbers.

We are demanding serious reviews and ACTIONS to see that Justice is called for and allowed to fulfill its role.

Otherwise there would be no closure and we would begin the new era built on a fractured foundation that would soon collapse from unrevealed rot.

Thank you, Beverly Eckert, for fulfilling your highest purpose, and serving us all.

When one speaks and stands for truth, all are strengthened in speaking up and standing tall in the Light that honors Truth with Integrity and compassion. (Feb. 13, 2009.)