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Banks and Bankers

Bankers Being Arrested
Bankers – Is Their Arrest Ethical and Transparent?
Banks - Citibank
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Bankers Being Arrested

14 million galactic-humans were part of the operation today to arrest senior bankers in all major countries. Nothing on this scale has ever been attempted and could not possibly have happened without the galactic abilities and support. (March 11, 2009.)

We talked to a Russian Lady named "Ivanna,” who is a friend of our Senior US Treasury Official contact. She told us that senior bankers who have had involvement with criminal money operations are being arrested in droves, worldwide. They will be “contained”--possibly in the Hague...and will not be back.

So, this faux-Bernanke-message, "No big banks will be allowed to fail", is a joke, and so is the stock market surge based on false information. (March 11, 2009.)

Bankers – Is Their Arrest Ethical and Transparent?

We need to step back from our negative views. The forces are charged with doing what needs to be done for the highest good of all...not to please our curiosity or suspicions.

I can tell you that, when the galactics act, they have reviewed all the records of every incarnation of each person involved, on and off the planet. These are intergalactic criminals who have terrorized planets throughout their existence.

We have stated many times that this can only be understood by expanding our thinking and perceptions beyond 3D.

10,000 arrests were previously made and adjudicated in the Hague. Those whose whole soul record was consistently negative were gracefully terminated.

Others got 25 year sentences. These ones arrested today are very senior bankers who were completely beyond salvage.

They will not be back. They were transported to a containment facility in the Hague awaiting their group adjudication and sentencing.

This was a worldwide operation and, we have no need to know their names. Fulford has top illuminati contacts and his information was correct in this matter.

Ashtar will not print a list of these ones’ names and banks, so that we can pick over the list. Those ones have families and associates just as we do.

The premature listing of names would crash the markets and the bank stocks worldwide, and cause great harm. Where's the good in that?

In many cases there are holograms put in their places to keep the appearance of continuity until it is safe to reveal the facts.

Believe me there will be many more actions of even greater magnitude before this is over. We can not change thousands and millions of years of actions in a heartbeat.

Healing will be required for all of us, as we learn the many truths about who and what we are and why we are here together to heal all the distortions.

There will be plenty of joy as these burdens are lifted. We are all equal partners in this process. Each of us must be accountable for our own actions. There is no universal double standard. (March 11, 2009.)

Banks - Citibank

We did get confirmation of this [recent heist] from enforcement agents and bank insiders today.

We were told that Andrea Mitchell should not be expected to return to her job 'for a very long time' her husband is Alan Greenspan.

We also heard that an unidentified number of Citi bank officers were also arrested by FBI. (Feb. 8, 2009.)

There is nowhere [the Citibank thieves] can send [their] funds that the Hong Kong Blondes and St Germain can't find them and bring them back. (Feb. 8, 2009.)

Banks - UK

The UK banks are failing and the bandaids available will not suffice. (Jan. 26, 2009.)

Banks - US

The King of Egypt (KOE) told us today that several actions are now in process. Some of these have to do with the arrests of some top Federal Reserve Board and FR Bank of NY officials. (Jan. 26, 2009.)