About GRT

We are a small family of galactic-human starseeds and walkins serving as conduits for Faction 3 Intelligence sources. These include the head of Faction 3, the King of Swords (KOS) and his 16 million Galactic-Humans, all awake and augmented with their cosmic abilities of shape-shifting, full telepathic connectivity. They operate on a planet wide basis at 38 levels above the President of the US. 

Faction 3 also includes the Ashtar Command; the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters; the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO), the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, and the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Faction 3 is vitally interested in and supportive of, planetary ascension, NESARA, and informing all awakening ones to become the leaders in the new Golden Era.

Factions 1 and 2, which are made up of the Rothschilds and the Rockyfellers, respectively, have worked through the international Committee of 300, interpenetrating all major sectors of life, business, politics, all Intelligence services and religions...in all countries...at the level of the President and below. You may have heard them referred to as the ‘Illuminati’ or the ‘Cabal.’ Interspersed within Factions 1 and 2 are many ‘White Knights’ and other deep cover agents within the military, government, all agencies, and financial systems, who knowingly or unknowingly assist Faction 3.

We have entered the time of public contact. Earth authorities had been given 60 years in which to inform the citizens of this planet of Galactic Presence. They have failed or refused to do this. The spiritual hierarchy has told them on many occasions that failure to inform the public would result in Ashtar and the Hierarchy doing it for them. Trillions of galactic ships are cloaked and spread throughout this solar system and beyond. It is estimated that over 60 million on this planet have already been contacted.

It is now time for the behind the scenes controllers to leave the stage. They came here over 65 million years ago and in the last cycles virtually enslaved all inhabitants on this planet. These folks are renegades from outside this space-time continuum. In turn, Heaven created a plan, to birth-into this planet, Galactic Beings from all major segments of our universal family.

We are all those ones. You and I and all others here. We are all from the Outer planets and galaxies and star systems of this universe and beyond, on a divine mission of awakening and liberating of all life on this planet.

We promised Creator that we would heal this separation from the inside and Creator promised that we would then be reunited with our star-families. That time has come! Creator has decreed that all the trillions of star family members present in our skies, will help us reclaim our full memories, abilities and reunite with our higher aspects on the ships with Formal Contact and landings. This will all begin with the announcement of NESARA.

NESARA stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, or simply Reformation Act, a world wide infrastructure to uplift all on this planet and prepare for Personal and Planetary Ascension to the 5th Dimension and beyond, in a short period of earth time. It was signed into Law by President Bill Clinton and only needs to be Announced to be fully enacted. Since 10/1/08 it is already the Law of the Land...and all provisions will be retroactive to that date. www.NESARA.us has most of the information about the act, but here is a brief summary: NESARA provides Debt Forgiveness, Restoration of Constitutional and Common Laws; Elimination of Income Taxes and the Federal Reserve and it's collection agent, the IRS...to name only a few of the provisions. 

This same infrastructure will then move out across this planet to 190 countries, starting with US, Canada, UK and Australia...and then to all other countries over a 10-15 month period. By the end of 15 months every man, woman and child will be credited with $10 Million and have free education, medical care and so much more, so that the quality of life can be shared by all on this planet who choose. This requires planetary Peace to be declared and so it will be.

Current DNA changes are reaching a point of activation that will restore perfect health and youthful vitality and clarity. It has already begun and will also bring restoration of cosmic memories, missions and abilities through waves of activation and integration.

Currently, we have had one official Visitor landing in South Dakota and, on June 1, 2009, an Air France Airbus with 228 aboard flew into a 'portal' while enroute from Rio de Janiero to Paris. All have safely become Ashtar Command guests and will be returned to tell their stories to the world.

Stargates are opening and more will open this year to connect us to star nations, planets, and higher councils. We will soon become the 33rd Galactic world.

--Mark Huber and GRT Staff