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Ascension (in general)
Ascension and Physical Disabilities
Ascension and the Fate of the Dark Ones
Fate of the Unready
Ascension and Where Do We Stand?
Ascension and Moulting the Old Skin

The new energies are lifting all boats, light and dark and everything in between with love and wisdom.

Everyone here has previously ascended a minimum of 3 times or they wouldn't be allowed to be here. That takes some deep reflection.

Each one's contract is unique and is subject to modification as awareness increases in this cycle. I'll not presume to talk about any individual situation as that is an inner private matter.

Since we are in a Planetary Ascension Process, not an individual one, our task is to share as much with others as they ask for, as the changes occur.

That way everyone's boat is lifted by sharing.

Every single person on this planet came from the stars, one way or another. This weekend the cosmic connectors are being added to the present strands to open potentials to 12 dimensions of inspiration and connectivity. That will take some more activations.

It is the coming in-process realignment of male and female partnerships which will become major spiritual conditions for progress.

We are in the final stage of transmuting the lower astral and are merging with the higher astral and continuing, simultaneously, to anchor into the lower 5D shores. Consciousness shifts occurs at the mid-point of each dimension (e.g.3.5, 4.5 & 5.5).

In this period we are being helped by a spiritual 144 grid overlying and interpenetrating the earth and that is activating our crystalline chakra system of 13 which, when fully activated, lights up our 12D new crystalline system/'Christmas tree'. The migration from carbon to silicon or Liquid-diamond-substrate is well underway.

This weekend we will be getting the upper strands' connectors added in through a combination of the 9D Gate in Tibet/Wesak Valley and a powerful incoming cosmic wave impact involving transmissions from Andromeda and from the Great Central Sun.

The major influx of Divine Feminine energies will re-equilibrate power on this planet, the solar system, galaxy and impact the whole Nebadon Super Universe.

Tens of thousands of higher dimensional ships and some from inner earth and other secret portals on the earth are converging on and landing throughout the Himalayan Mountains. We will be getting more reports after Mother's Day celebrations end.

This is also the exact mid-point of the 6th galactic day cycle of the Mayan calendar, so there are many overlapping harmonics going on here.

We have also entered the 2000 light-year wide Photon belt and are receiving positive ionizing energies from our sun Sol, with that atmosphere shifting from hydrogen based to helium-xenon based, due to Ashtar's intervention as part of the fulfillment of the divine plan.

All of the planets in our solar system are undergoing terraforming back to the original divine blueprint, including earth.

A major purge/transmutation 'opportunity' is upon us and will continue as these higher vibration colors and frequencies shake up our current 3D system to operate on a multi-dimensional level in the coming months.

We are severing our old belief systems and old contracts, based in limitation and in duality, so that we can bring forth internal unity and collective unified harmonics involving our twin flames, most of whom have remained in the higher realms to guide our preparation for the coming ascension reunion.

Only a truly balanced male-female/matter-spirit being can partner our next phase, and that will become more and more available as our DNA upgrades/activations/ migrations to crystalline continue.

Everything is proceeding rapidly and perfectly to a grand conclusion. (May 9, 2009.) Just as there are many separate strands in a fiber optic network so also are there many separate parallels to the timelines and many dimensional levels as well. Now, that should have cleared the muddy waters nicely?

I will back up a second by saying that the darkhats can ascend up through 11D WITHOUT OPENING their hearts.

At 11D, they can go no a darkhat...unless they go back to the 4th and succeed in 5D Heart Center opening. Only a heart-awakened one who is in full accord with the Law of the One can reach the integrated Self of the 12th Dimension...and thus qualify to ascend to the next (13D) octave.

Every dimension has many layers and levels. As our timelines expanded out to 175 million years, the WingMakers at that time saw that the only place along the timelines where an effective correction could be made was in our moment--actually started about 1930--through 2012.

Since every one of us exist (future perfect) on those timelines as well as this one, many/perhaps most of us answered the call and volunteered to send a portion of our essence back-into-this era to effect the needed changes.

We fully understood that to obtain the highest good for all we would, in effect, erase a portion of our own timelines and then recover that essence to use in our own future co-creations.

This was not a spur of the moment decision. Every other possibility was explored and it was clearly seen that the only alternative was to heal it once and for all, here and now.

So that was when we designed the solution of incarnating into each of the 12 tribes and then heal the differences within by opening our hearts and continuing that until it succeeded...about now. (May 22, 2009)

All here have ascended at least 3 times prior to this incarnation.

However, none of us have done that in the physical. This is a first for that achievement. (March 11, 2009.)

[You don’t remember] because you agreed to a 'memory block' before you came in that won't be lifted until after NESARA is announced...or thereabouts.

Since I came in from the year 2400 I have future/past bleedhroughs.

The 'block' was an act of mercy.

If you could remember you wouldn't be able to walk through all this jibberish we call 'matrix madness'.

You'd flip the script over to the last page and just do that. (March 11, 2009.)

It is our future we are choosing. Planetary Ascension--should we choose that--will be as One Collective Group of Enlightened Souls who choose Love, Peace and Unity and abundance for all who will share, terrestrially, celestially and Universally.

Others will continue in kindergarten playgrounds far removed from Terra Nova. (Feb. 22, m2009.)

[Ascension] is Universal and beyond, in its impact on the Creation itself. It is interdimensional and multidimensional which mirror each other. It will involve integration of at least two universes...initially...and up to 7 super-universes before it is all some vastly different point in what we call the far future. …

Remember, we will ascend and take our collective wholeness through the Eye of An {middle star in the belt of Orion} into a positive Anti-Matter Universal birth, about which nothing can be said at this moment. It will be a balanced light and love partnership involving both Anti-matter and Spirit which puts it so far above our current existence as to be undefinable.

We will all have every conceivable creative opportunity to do with more what we never thought possible before. A creative explosion of energy passing through every sector of our Self and global societies. (Feb. 18, 2009.)

If the soul is 51% positively polarized they will ascend.

Positive polarization is based on a review of all soul incarnations, and if the average represents 51% Service to Others and the heart is open, that constitutes qualifying Positive Progression.

In this lifetime we can correct the imbalances of most other lifetimes by opening our hearts and expressing love and light towards ourselves and others. (Feb. 12, 2009.)

Our I AM Complex projects fragments of itself into all times and places and dimensions, at the same time, in different combinations to suit the environment into which it projects and to facilitate those particular mission assignments.

When we fully reach ZeroPoint -- think of a spoked wheel projecting spokes outward in all directions and each attaching at the hub/nexus -- we will reintegrate all or most aspects into our nexus.

Then we will have instantaneous access to all the knowledge and wisdom gained by each of our 144 aspects which express through 12 templates in 12 dimensions ... as an example.

We are holographic beings existing throughout all times, spaces, dimensions, and all alternative realities.

We did this to gain the maximum exposure and opportunities to gain knowledge, experience so we could see the effects of all our actions and choices.

Now we are reintegrating all those through our heart-mind centers that include all male/female, matter/spirit, light and shadow identities into a harmonious wholeness that is fully balanced and fully imbued with unconditional love and wisdom.

It's quite an amazing construct which our Creator embodies through us all. (Feb. 12, 2009.)

Quantum shifts require tipping the scale to non-ordinary limits of imbalance while compressing and sustaining it until there is a transformative leap that propels us into a whole new and higher galactic expression.

We must emerge from our chrysalis if we are to become spiritual butterflies. We are in the end of the gestation period and the earth mother needs our advancement to birth this 5D galactic baby that will populate Terra Nova. Her labor pains are the harbingers of the coming birth.

So very important to get that this is not an event that is accomplished by an individual. It must involve all on the planet for it will embody the Law of the One and Cosmic Consciousness. (Feb. 9, 2009.)

If we don't join with all who have yet to awaken, we will diminish the number of potential graduates.

This is our greatest challenge. Only one full ascension body can ascend. It takes all of us to succeed.

We now have massive assistance from our galactic families who are straining with us to complete our own cleansing and awareness upgrades in the short time remaining. (Feb. 9, 2009.)

We are at that point on the evolutionary graph where the wave peaks rise almost vertically through 2012. (Feb. 9, 2009.)

Take each day and celebrate that, no matter what seemed to have happened, this process is continuing and accelerating interdimensionally and multidimensionally faster than we can understand it.

The timelines are being erased and the remainder merged into this. We are reintegrating all up and down and all around our greater Self's expressions.

This is beyond human comprehension as it is simultaneous, synchronistic, holographic and involves all our complements in a higher unity with all dimensions of Self and Source.

At Zero Point we will connect them all into our holographic 'hub'. There is no room for error. It is a very precise alignment and balance. It requires clearing of all that is blocking us or which no longer serves our advancement. We are the pivot point for solar, galactic and universal transformation.

We ain't seen nothing yet. We have been getting ready for this for billions of years and millions of cycles. (Feb. 9, 2009.)

We have been moving from the 9th Ring of the Western Milky Way galaxy to the 3rd ring--adjacent to Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation-- for many years and have entered fully into the Photon Belt which is ionizing and upshifting our DNA at a rapid and accelerating rate. … Universal Law of the One changes our dualistic perspective to a Unitary Source-connection as equal or equivalent divine expressions of All That Is. That shifts our understanding of motive and intention as we come to appreciate that all move forward together through mutual assistance and reverence for the divine in all.

The astrological planetary, solar and galactic grand cycles are coming into full alignment with galactic center and direct awakening pulses are stimulating our embedded and precoded DNA blueprints to bring us through this cleansing of 3-4D into the 5D Antimatter awakened state as "Shining Ones", blending and integrating our matter-spirit/male-female essences into a singularity of multidimensional/interdimensional unity through our crystalline-activated heart-mind. (June 7, 2008.)

Some starseeds/walk ins and such came from the future and will be reintegrating with our higher aspects during ZeroPoint/no time. We are already healing and clearing any timelines that contain distortions--past/present/alternative and future. At the merger time it will be like hooking up a wheel with up to 144 spokes into a hub (our heart-mind nexus) and 'remembering' our galactic identities. Some form of this will be experienced by all ascending ones, as the ascension process reaches critical mass. Sort of a '100th cosmicly-awake-ones' shift, where all the next wave just 'discover it' effortlessly. They in turn will have the same boosting effect on the next wavers. (June 18, 2008.)

Remember, some folks are still at 3.7-4.8. When First Contact landing occurs, everyone will be upshifted .5 from whatever level they have attained. 5.5 is permanent spiritual/physical plane ascension. (June 18, 2008.)

We are on the threshold of our brightest opportunity. All we have to do is ask, allow and respond to our own divine inner guidance, which will be informing us all of our highest and best next step. (May 27, 2008.)

Ascension – And Physical Disabilities

If the physical is too depleted to hold enough light to ascend, then the higher vehicles will nonetheless partake of Ascension.

If the physical does not have enough vitality to survive ascension the physical will be dropped.

However, as soon as the ships can land we will have many ways to restore ALL physical functions and capacities. This is due to the nature of the crystalline structure migration which is at the heart of our current activation and clearing process.

As that is completed we will no longer need to experience dysfunction on any level of our expression.

We are encouraged to ask our inner self to help us restore any weakness in our physical vehicles. The Spirit Doctors will help if we ask and allow.

So if the physical expires before Planetary Ascension, the soul will go to the ships and then rejoin the rest of us after planetary ascension to 5D. At that time it can come in as a new 5D physical child with all it's memories or as an adult being with all its faculties and memories.

All those who have died since 1999, and who are 51% positively balanced, are able to come back after Ascension and rejoin us, or go back to their home worlds at that time. Souls who have not yet achieved 51% positive balance will reincarnate on appropriate worlds to gain that balance. (Feb. 12, 2009.)

Ascension – The Fate of the Dark Ones

We will continue these effects upon our DNA and consciousness, unless we are resisting, in which case we will drop down into denser amalgamations and soon be swept off the planet.

While the cabal is resisting our advancement, they can not stop it and their resistance is now going to sweep them off the planet. You can not resist this powerful and rising wave of change. You either embrace it or you leave. That's the deal! (Feb. 9, 2009.)

The dark brothers and sisters who have refused numerous opportunities to switch over to the Light---a significant number of 4th Dimensional Dark are now switching to 4thD Light---will have their work cut out for them, and they will most likely take a longer period of time to heal/forgive themselves and may not complete that before the door closes on this galactic grand cycle. Once that happens, no more will join us as we will have attained Unity as a collective One and move to another vibratory adventure.

The darkest and most unyielding ones will have their soul-matrix memories erased back to the beginning {so-called 2nd death}. They will start out as new souls on Herculobas. They are fully aware of this but have indicated, time and again, that they would rather be erased than take second place and give up their topdog status. All of their minions are not so willing to lose all soul memories and attainments. These are among the ones switching from 3-4D/Dark to 4D/Light and getting new pathways and the same reverent care and assistance as any of us. (June 18, 2008.)

Ones not ready/spiritually prepared to do the ascension clearing that are in 3-D levels will be sent to what appears to be a continuation of things as they now exist on another mirror image of old earth and will not be coming to Terra Nova. The earth is in process of 'cracking off its 3D crust'. That 'husk' will be placed around Herculobas at it's own request. Herculobas is sort of a pristine 'Jurassic Park III'...with T.Rex and family. However, there is no pollution or industry to spoil it. (June 18, 2008.)

You need have no need for fear from these ones who are deciding their own fate through their reaction to the deadline that the South Korean Crop Circle revealed as their last opportunity to choose returning to the Law of the One...or having their soul-matrix erased. (June 21, 2008.)

Most will choose to explore the opportunities that Terra Nova will offer; some will not. There is no judgement or shame involved. All will be placed on an optimal path of experiential learning and development that is most compatible with their soul's desire. It will be a Win-Win for all except the most resistant dark ones whose memories will be erased and they will start over, completely devoid of any memories of what they have expressed. They have already been accepted as new souls on Herculobas...a pristine planet that is a sort of Jurassic Park III, complete with T-Rex and Family. They will have a minimum of 25,826 years to progress, before getting another opportunity. They will NOT be part of our future, according to Mother Sekhmet and Ashtar. (May 27, 2008.)

Without the weight of the dark ones, we will all feel the lightness we have always known was possible. It will make our next steps on the path of ascension much faster and easier. (May 27, 2008.)

Ascension – The Fate of the Unready

Anything less [than 5.5] will require more spiritual development. All possible assistance and encouragement will be offered but the individual souls will determine what level they can stabilize at and will be allowed to choose that as their 'ascension level'.

If it is less than 5.5 at the time of the planet's ascension...during the estimated next 3.5 years... they will continue in non-permanent physical status until they can reach 5.5. Some may be shifted to a location where they feel comfortable but may still join us at a later 'time'...even though they may 'subjectively' experience durations of several hundred years while we will be in 'no time'. We won't 'miss them' because for those at 5.5+ it will seem like it was just a moment ago. (June 18, 2008.)

There will be some initial shocks for those who have been asleep, but they will be helped to understand that all who allow will be better off under NESARA's provisions. If they do not choose to be a part of our future they will be transported to a place that exactly matches their spiritual vibration which kindness and reverence for their right to choose. (May 27, 2008.)

Ascension – Where do We Stand?

That dog's day has ended. There will be accountability. There will be Peace. There will be excision of all these hate groups from the planet's future.

Where do we want to stand? Do we choose more hate; more war; more invasions and more killing of anyone who holds any opinions we don't like? That was Bush Inc's last 8 years.

I vote for respect for all life; for sharing in the unlimited abundance of our Creator's Love in partnership with the Planet and It's peoples.

Please show discernment. It is our future we are choosing. Planetary Ascension--should we choose that--will be as One Collective Group of Enlightened Souls who choose Love, Peace and Unity and abundance for all who will share, terrestrially, celestially and Universally.

Others will continue in kindergarten playgrounds far removed from Terra Nova. (Feb. 22, 2009.)

Ascension – Moulting the Old Skin

Bless those feelings of disintegration and thank them for showing you the progress you've made and just let those feelings know that you acknowledge them and want them to move up to the warmth and joy of the heart space.

Use the violet flame coming up from below your feet and surrounding and flowing through all your levels and centers to assist in dissolving the sticky stuff that is having difficulty in moving as fast as the rest of you.

Go out in the water at dawn and or at sunset and allow the new codes to hit your eyes as the sun updates your system. Let any feelings come up and flow into the waters.

Call on the cetaceans--dolphins and whales--to help your emotional body to flow with the upliftment.

Joy, abundance and remembrance will fill your heart. You are simply expanding homeward without leaving your body. That is where you came from and you are already there welcoming your return.

It will happen in easy steps so there is nothing to fear. You are destined for success. (Feb. 22, 2009.)

Some of your symptoms are the clear evidence that the old is falling away and you are in an in-between migration gap. That is excellent news. Since it is what your soul and heart yearn for, that is what will rule.

The new is what you are migrating to and the old must be released so that it won't burden you in the higher crystalline body to which you are now shifting.

There are many stages to this. We have been in the overlapping center of these two circles for quite some time. That has allowed a loosening up and a free circulation between the two.

Now, most of the mixing of lighter and heavier particles has completed as much as 80% of the work and the two circles are separating with all the active light energies having migrated to the higher vibration crystalline matrix.

In the coming weeks the final migration to the higher form will take place and you will no longer feel the 'death grasp' of the denser particles.

Your spiritual consciousness/soul-spirit have already up-shifted and the activation of the new codes will accelerate the process.

It is a little like when you moved from one school to a higher school. At first it seemed a little confusing but then you began to study more interesting subjects, meet new friends and learn how to discipline yourself to live more independently from your old friends and family who would kind of pull on you to go back to the 'old you' which no longer satisfied your soul's desires.

By keeping your vision fixed on the new direction and higher purpose, to which your soul is guiding you, the old habits will get modified and some new friends will begin to enter your life.

They may also be experiencing many of the same symptoms and yet they will all be determined to achieve the higher and more unlimited opportunities that we are about to see unfold.

Anything that attempts to convince you that you should 'give up the new vision' and come back to the ‘asleep’ state, won't satisfy you. That is just the ego's fear of 'death’/fear consciousness...which is an illusion. I've crossed that line many times in expansive movements upward and near-death-experiences and it is all bunk.

We know from whence we come and it's not death; quite the opposite. What you are in the expanded state is where you're headed now and nothing or nobody will convince you to accept less.

It's OK for anyone who wants to stay in kindergarten to do so but that isn't the path that you've chosen for yourself.

You already have a higher goal and you are perfectly situated on your path. If you're going to get off a mule and get into a shuttle craft the space in which you're transferring from one to the other is a little anxiety-producing to the ego.

You, as a soul, are already 'aboard the shuttle craft' and I can assure you that that is your destination and you won't want to use that old 'mule' after you see how fantastic a vista that the 'shuttle craft' opens up to you. (Feb. 22, 2009.)


Everything is coming up from the buried layers of everyone. Not to punish but to CLEAR so that more Light can be held and enjoyed. (March 30, 2009.)

Kuthumi told us that the first 9 days after Equinox would be very 'challenging' as energies are raising 'the devil' in underground pockets of pestilence--and in us-- and won't moderate until...the 8th Firegate initiation on 3/31, which Michelle Eloff pre-recorded on 3/24 but will not release until 3/31. (March 27, 2009.)