Mark Huber's Bio

I am a retired Naval Intelligence Commander, and yes, I did spend some years working for a trust company, so the rudiments of these perspectives are present. I was involved with the galactics since age five. During a drowning incident a voice spoke in my head: “Yes, you can’t swim but you can walk. So when you touch the bottom just take one step forward and you’ll be fine.” I did and was aboard a shuttle craft. 5.5 years later I merged with a higher aspect in what is called a Walk-In experience. A couple of more Near Death Experiences— some of us are quite stubborn — in 1975 and 1988, brought me to where I am now.

We live in Santa Fe, NM and I was directed here 21 years ago to hold a grid point and interface with GF reps. That’s how I met Rama and Tara Berkowitz almost 6 years ago. They play a major role in communicating what is transpiring both with the Galactic Federation, through Commander Ashtar and Mother Sekhmet, and with the Earth allies, or white knights, through “King of Swords” and the “King of Egypt.” We’ve been working together to get NESARA announced and to inform people about the GF and to anchor that energy here. Santa Fe will be the Primary Ashtar HQ after landings occur, and into 5D. (Discerning Angels posting, 2008.)

I have also been a contactee since I was 5 years old, so I’ve a lifelong interest and involvement in galactic affairs. I was involved in military aviation and intelligence for 24 years while also having my own, private, experiences which were not shared even with my own family until recent years … for obvious reasons. I helped a close friend channel a book on star nation contacts — anonymously. I have higher aspects on the ships and am an Elder Indigo grid holder, for what it’s worth.

Rama and I both have higher-dimensional aspects who are Bridge Watch Standers (Commanders) on the New Jerusalem. That is Admiral Sananda Kumara’s flagship.

We do represent–as do many others–the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command. We are absolutely committed to the Announcement of NESARA and to the landing of the ships.

We represent Faction Three which is galactic forces and intelligence sources working through the King of Swords at 38 levels above the President of the United States.

Faction One {Rothschilds} and Faction Two {Rockyfellers} do not have access to that intelligence level.

We are not a religious organization, although we do align through the Office of the Christ. Awakening the in-dwelling crystal-heart (Christed-Heart) codes which restore our inner-dimensional/multi-dimensional memories and abilities is the goal of the planetary/personal Ascension process which will result in our collective return to 5D+/12+strands of DNA.

--Mark Huber