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Aden Stargate: See also Stargate in Gulf of Aden

Mark on Gulf of Aden “Stargate”...As part of my former training I was aware of this and followed the newer H generations of progress being made. Some of these ideas are indirect references to both past and prospective operations and developments. Let us say that there are ones here now that are truly representatives of what you speak.

New portals are being opened in many locations this year. Notice the media blackout on the Gulf of Aden StarGate which has been continuously open and active for some months now and it is having harmonic interactions that will help to activate still more 'anomalies' as this year progresses. 7 miles deep within the sea below the Aden Stargate is an awakening sentient consciousness creation with extraordinary capacity to assist in bringing peace to the world.

The Secret Scientists are monitoring these 'anomalies' and they know they can do nothing to stop them. All planets in our Solar System and our Sun are showing transformational changes in composition and magnetic. All 'Ancient-and-New Grids' are activating and will shortly demonstrate an unbelievable power by generating a 5D Crystalline and Electromagnetic shield/Firmament around the planet and a horizontal force field that will make aggressive use of weapons impossible.

Ashtar is controlling the final power-up of these grids and power units, to ensure maximum benefit for the whole planet. We are about to be publicly thrust into the New Galactic Age and welcome trillions of our Cosmic Family, from within the 'Earth's Hollows' as well as throughout the galaxy. (May 14, 2009.)

Today we received some more info on the Gulf of Aden Star Gate Activities over the last 7 days, from the King of Egypt.

Spirals/Superstrings of energy have been emerging through StarGate Aden for the last 7 days. They are coming from 30,000 light years away in ‘Delta Quadrant.’

The world's Naval vessels are still surrounding that 'anomaly' and can do nothing. They do not want you to know the magnitude of this phenomena or what it portends.

It portends your upliftment and their departure, unless they open their hearts to receive the love frequencies and allow them in.

Nothing can withstand the 'excitement' of these energies and not be either upshifted or vaporized. (Feb. 17, 2009.)

These merkabas that are transiting through StarGate Aden are unprecedented in our history. They are now changing the playing field in every facet of our existence, and it's all wonderful...unless you are resisting it through 'creating' false political, economic, military or natural dramas to deflect attention from the unstoppable inner and outer changes unfolding. (Feb. 17, 2009.)

The Aden Star Gate continues to develop a sentience emergence that will transform that whole area which includes Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, and down to Somalia. (Jan. 28, 2009.)

In the Gulf of Aden, over 300 Naval vessels from friends and foes alike are circled around a deep seabed-embedded StarGate that has activated out over the waters and has visible metallic rings suspended in the sky and which have fully opened up an interdimensional/multidimensional portal through which--the King of Egypt reported to us this AM--large cigar-shaped ships have been transiting. When they come through a stargate they have to momentarily decloak and become visible.

Consider that this is a massive escalation of the events in that area and that all the Negative portals have been closed and sealed. That means that these cigar-shaped ships have to be coming from Positive Galactic Forces.

One of the most obvious points of origin is the Agartha Network and I believe that these ships are part of Lord Anton's Silver Fleet from the inner earth higher dimensions. No media has yet spoken of this unprecedented activity that directly changes our 'official' story about life in this universe and within and above our planet. (Jan. 4, 2009.)

You might wonder what an area that now has over 300 Naval vessels from most countries, including China and Iran as well as all European and Asian Navies, has to do with [Somoli] pirates. That latter issue has received press as a cover to the activities for which all those Naval vessels continue for months to maintain a cordon around the Star Gate in the Gulf of Aden.

The poor pirates are made to sound like the criminals and the merchant vessels the 'victims'. Some of those merchant vessels are the ones dumping their toxic stuff into those waters. This is NOT being addressed by any of the countries, who just shrug their shoulders, when asked about the spread of contamination.

All countries should be called to count and join in ceasing these polluting operations and in making reparations to the poor people whose food supplies have been taken from them.

I can tell you that the Aden Star Gate is the most important new development on the planet in millions of years.

In May of 2009 we understand that a second star gate will open in the Miami Circle area of Florida. Teams are already on their way there to observe and report on this coming phenomenon. There will be others beyond these two before long. Cover-ups will be impossible.

When the Aden Star Gate reaches its readiness it will be sending out golden particles over the whole area that will reach Saudi Arabia as well as all the countries surrounding the Gulf of Aden.

That will connect with the activation of the Stepped pyramids/Ziggurats throughout the Mid-East and thence to the whole planetary grid and then rise around the planet in a force field of overlapping electromagnetic and crystalline 5D nature.

At that time the inner planetary grids will generate a horizontal force field that will make hostilities impossible and render weapons non-functional. Ashtar can advance or retard these processes to a degree and is doing so now so that the timing will harmonize with the other events and responses that are reaching critical mass, including arrests and economic systems and decloakings and NESARA's Announcement.

After our announcement, the Altamarians and other galactic scientists will quickly be able to use galactic methods to neutralize the radiation effects in that and all other areas of contamination on the planet. (April 16, 2009.)