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To find out how fast things will change after the announcement of NESARA, be sure to read the transcript from Op Blue in that we said that all the petroleum/oil tankers, cruise ships of current design will cease to be allowed. Oil/gas and such are all toxic.

Replacements with non-polluting power sources will be brought forward.

Everyone will become aware of their personal missions and what to do. Almost all the things you cite do not add to spiritual preparation for a unified society or collective and will cease.

90+% of these are harmful to the environment as are most consumer goods.

With replicators the waste and transport of items will be essentially eliminated and thus trucks, buses, shipping and gas stations will have no utility as the replacements will be local and will be non-toxic. (June 26, 2009.)

When Regime changes, 911 exposure by Sibel Edmonds … and revelations of Galactic Presence forever dissolve the Cabal coverup/suppression of these facts, we will all get an experience of Upshift by 1/2 step, which would take many, many lifetimes of spiritual progress to accomplish, but which has been decreed by Source Grace Light as a gift to each of us. Therewith most if not all will 'remember' our core- resonance with the Spiritual Dimensions and most hearts will open to that knowledge...already present.

This experience will be so awesome that most will want to stay home from work, school or whatever the next day or three, to process this experience. Since this will coincide with NESARA's Announcement and >36 hours of TV/Radio Broadcasts of Economic, Political and Spiritual information, which will be quite dramatic to most as it has been known but suppressed by the Cabal for eons of time to keep us in ignorance and separation from our Source awareness. They will quickly learn that debt is going to be forgiven and that net income will be increased through elimination of the IRS, Income Taxes and credit card debt with NESARA's Announcement and all the positive improvements it supports. (Oct. 10, 2008.)

Einstein did complete his unified theory in 1928, and provided the first methods for Antigravity development then. The Matthews Corporation has developed many of the antigravity units, often using crashed ET craft and reverse-engineering them to provide technical principles for newer generations of craft.

Obama is declassifying much if not all of the secret developments that go back to 1946, including this technology. (Jan. 28, 2009.)

We will be sending exact transcripts and/or MP3s or hotlinks to our Lead Moderator, William Bragg, and it is highly likely that they will appear on one or all of the GRT websites and on other websites as well. He will determine where and in what format they fulfill requirements.

In addition, every radio station will also be covering and archiving the key statements.

CSPAN (and many other Internet sites too numerous to mention), will be analyzing and discussing every detail of these Announcements, non-stop.

Every newspaper will be required to print all the key Announcements. They have all been briefed, by the King of Swords, for 5 Weeks a year, on all these provisions and have been preparing their stories and waiting for the moment of release of their gag order so they can date and release them in all forms of media. (May 15, 2009.)