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While Ben has 'disguised' a few of the details, he's on the right track and knows it.

Mark Huber

“The choice: illuminati population reduction or exponential expansion into the future.

Now that their plan to kill 4 billion people has been exposed, the Billionaires and Trillionaires of the illuminati are trying the unfamiliar game of being “nice.”

Their plan is now to offer “gentle” population reduction and moderate increases in the living standards of slave populations. Oh yes, and for the American slave population, debt slavery would be slightly more “regulated,” sometime in the future.

What a joke. These people who have systematically murdered and enslaved hundreds of millions and even billions of humans for centuries are now going to try to be “nice.” They have lost all trust and power and are lucky to even be alive.

Let us look at the alternative plan. First we take back the money they stole from the world and ensure every human being has at least a middle-class standard of living. The Americans {and everyone else as well} alone would each receive at least $1{X 10} million if the money stolen from them was given back. We also, of course will cancel all debts and free all people in jail for non-violent crimes (except white-collar mega-criminals like bankers).

After that we would unleash the century of technological advance that these freaks have suppressed in order to keep control over the slave populace. That would allow us to turn the deserts green, stop environmental destruction, end poverty, end disease and allow us to build giant space colonies. Before long we could have trillions of humans living richly on uncounted worlds.

So, which plan do you prefer, theirs or ours?”

Benjamin Fulford released a video/audio clip directly pinning … HAARP for the Chinese earthquake and evidence strongly suggests this directly followed HAARP triggering of the Chaiten volcano in Peru. They are on a direct line through the center of the planet. (May 30, 2008.)