Welcome to GRT-Intel

Contact has begun! As we inaugurate GRT-Intel, we are opening our hearts and our visions to the commencement of the most stupendous development since the beginning of this creation cycle.

Those of us here at GRT make up a community of emerging galactic beings who are embodied in human form. We cherish ourselves and all who come to our websites. We ask each and every newcomer to browse through our site information. If GRT-Intel's message resonates with you or matches your interests, then please sample, research, and feel free to share your experiences with us as we welcome all new un-met friends, as well as our present GRT community.

GRT-Intel includes Week-A-Glance Newsletters that summarize the many posts of each week in chronological order. We also provide an archive of articles shared by Mark Huber with a search function to help you find specific information by topic. Type in a keyword that interests you and you'll find all postings throughout the GRT sites relative to that topic . In this way, you can educate yourself to a deeper level of understanding on many related subjects.

You can also learn a lot by listening to Conference Calls ("CCs") either LIVE as they happen or in MP3 format your leisure, or by reading the typewritten transcripts of numerous Tuesday Night and Thursday Night calls. You will find all the links you need to do that right here on the GRT-Intel web site.

Feel free to explore our newest website, as well as our Yahoo Group sister websites to GRT-Intel: GRT-News, GRT-CIP and GRT-Discussion Group. These sites reflect information gathered in Galactic Round Table CCs and StarGate Round Table CCs, as well as answers to questions posed by the community related to Faction 3 Intel and Ascension.

Please enjoy your visit!

--Mark Huber and the GRT Team