The Triad Portals of Love 11/11/09, 12/12/09 and 12/21/09



These energy portal openings link directly from other places in the Universe, pulsing through the Sun Jupiter to Earth and into your bodies.

12/12/09 is THE HIGHEST energy wave released to Earth, in all time, ever before. This energy wave is a Cosmic Burst of Love pouring into the hearts of every man woman and child.

It is in this Cosmic Burst of Love that the core issues will be healed, hearts will open up, old programs will drop, and the merkiva in the crown and the merkiva in the heart will be in hyperdrive, receiving new coding for what is to happen next.

The Cosmic Burst of Love pulsing through the firmament crystal tetrahedron core of each Planet in our Solar system, through Earths core, and into each and every one of our hearts, will be a giant wave of energy, washing over everything in smaller and smaller waves, it will soak in and pool around and cover all the Earth.

You will feel so washed over in love, bliss, and joy, you will know what is happening has never happened before.

This 12:12, the center of the three portals, is for Group collectives.

For this reason, we would like you all to meditate together on this day. Choose a time for your Group of friends, that works for you, in your timezone.

We will have smaller groups and larger groups gathered together, happening in waves
throughout the period of 12:12. The Cosmic Burst of Love will be felt for a sustained period of time.

On 12:12, the focus for Earth is, all of the Groups that have been working together in the past will in some way change.

If the Group has been working for the Highest Good of All, it will be given a boost, abundance, new ways of Being More.

If the Group has been working for the dark, it will be dissolved, it will be no more. With the absence of the later Groups, the organizations of the remaining Groups will in many ways change.

This is also a time of forming new Groups.

WIth the sudden increase in abundance to the Planet, and the sudden increase in Light, new things will be possible, things that were never possible before. This will all happen with the support of the Cosmic Burst of Love.

What this all means is if you have a dream for Terra Nova, 12/12/09 is the day of Manifestation of Group Work.

Consider your heart's desire, and be ready on 12:12 to put it into play. Even if you just take one baby step that day, any effort you make will receive a great deal of support from the Galactics and from the Angelic Helpers, as well as the entire Universe.

Join together in meditation with your friends 12:12 to raise Group Consciousness to the turning point the Kumaras have waited for: The Trifold Flames in the Hearts of Humanity will be pulsing to the same vibration of the Heart Core of Gaia/Vywamus [Mother and Father Earth] as we usher in the Golden Age. Begin your Celebrations and the Group Meditations the night before, and continue the Celebrations around the World until every time zone has walked through the 12:12 Cosmic Burst of Love.

On 12/21/09 we will continue the Celebrations. 2009 IS THE YEAR FOR PEACE.

Thank you, Beloveds,


Beth and Mark


A meditation from Sananda Kumara: